In Store Digital REEVOLUTION

Omknee make In Store shopping a totally personal, integrated, connected experience.
Omknee brings Digital In Store.

+efficiency +motivation +loyalty +revenue

Sensational sales

In the store customers build a strong bond with your brand. Expert, engaged employees sell more, reduce costs and provide superior customer experience.
Omknee gives you the ‘wow factor’.

Customer experience

Sales staff have immediate access to stock availability & alternatives, and can present visual product information, recommendations & comparisons. They sell the right product every time.

Passionate staff

Omknee increases sales staff’ domain expertise and improves engagement: news, events & business updates, sales results, and messages between teams strengthen the bond.

How Omknee works

We structured our product in a base platform – Retail – and 3 optional packs, allowing you to take advantage of as many features as you need, when you need them:


Detailed information on all your items, whether on the shelf or in the storeroom.

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Team pack

Opening up communication channels ensures commitment and improves motivation

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Customer pack

Visualize rich customer profiles to provide personalized, individualized sales.

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Sales pack

Combine the best of digital and physical to support your customer from selection through to checkout.

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"You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied"

Jerry Fritz

"The customer's perception is your reality"

Kate Zabriskie, Business Training Works

"We want that customer to be able to interact with Macy's no matter where she is or how she shops. Macy's best customers are those who shop us in-stores and online"

Terry Lungren, Macy’s Chairman, CEO and President

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